TecQuipment Flow Visualisation – AF17

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An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench (not included) to provide facilities for flow visualization experiments.

This module consists of a specially-shaped duct which has a large working section with a transparent window. The inlet of the duct is attached to the Air Flow Bench plenum chamber using quick-release clamps; the outlet is located into the bench exhaust. The duct has a rake of tubes from which filaments of smoke emerge and flow around two-dimensional models held in the working section.

The smoke filaments can be made to visually show areas of steady and unsteady flow, thickening boundary layers, and separation. The rake is adjustable so that filaments can be made to contact the model surface at specific points of interest if desired.

The models are quickly and simply mounted, allowing the unit to be used for student project work.

The unit produces considerable amounts of smoke which is safe and non-toxic but, to avoid the air in the laboratory becoming saturated, the unit includes a length of flexible tubing that connects the Air Flow Bench exhaust to either a suitable opening to the atmosphere or to an existing fan extraction system.

Key Features:

  • One of a series of eight experiment modules that fits to the Modular Air Flow Bench (AF10)
  • Highly visual and motivating for students – brings fluid mechanics to life
  • Toggle clamp connections to the Modular Air Flow Bench plenum chamber for quick and easy fitment
  • Includes a set of differently shaped two-dimensional models
  • Transparent fronted test duct, with clearly printed angular scale, allows the models to be clearly seen and accurately positioned
  • Comes complete with ducting to allow the smoke to be easily and safely drawn away by the Modular Air Flow Bench

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstration of the flow patterns round a cylinder, flat plate, aerofoil and a sharp-edged orifice/slit.

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