TecQuipment Free Vibrations Test Frame – TM160

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A sturdy frame for use with TecQuipment’s Free Vibrations Experiments.

For use with TecQuipment’s Free Vibrations Experiments, the Test Frame fits on any standard desk or bench top. Students, teachers or lecturers fit the parts of their free vibrations experiments to the Test Frame to study or demonstrate a free vibrations topic.

The Test Frame has two extruded alloy horizontal members each with slotted fixing points to all four sides. The two triangular sides each have adjustable leveling feet. A stable, level Test Frame is essential in vibration experiments to give repeatable and accurate results.

The sturdy construction is necessary for accurate results in vibration experiments, but this also gives the frame a long service life. Despite its sturdy construction, the frame is light enough for two people to move it around the classroom easily.

TecQuipment include a storage tray and lid with the Test Frame. This is useful to store tools and smaller parts of your optional experiments, helping prevent accidental loss or damage. The Test Frame also includes a hexagon tool and a spirit level for easy assembly and leveling.

Key features:

  • Sturdy bench-mounting experiment frame – large enough for classroom demonstrations
  • Rigid construction for good experiment results and long service life, yet light enough to move around the classroom
  • Supplied with simple tools for quick and easy assembly
  • Adjustable leveling feet – essential for good experiment results
  • Multiple, easy-to-use fixings for simple and easy experiment setup
  • Includes a storage tray and lid – for safe storage of any tools and smaller parts of your optional experiments


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