PIGNAT Gas Solid Fluidization Drying – FGS2000


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Study of the phenomena associated with the fluidization of solid particles in a stream of air and of the kinetics of drying solid

The fluidization process

The study of heat transfer in a fluidized bed is an additional part of the Gas Solid Fluidization unit. The additional equipment allows the characterization of heat exchanges. We can measure the value of the heat-transfer coefficient for different configurations of the bed of particles: fixed bed, fluidized bed and only air. From a network of curves, we will plot the evolution of heat-transfer coefficient as a function of the air flow rate for a constant temperature of the filament. The equipment can also define the criteria for fluidizing the alumina powder  by monitoring the air flow and the pressure drop of the bed.

Study of the air fluidization of solid particles:

  • Characterize the solid to be fluidized
  • Determine the minimum fluidization speed

Study of the drying of solid particles in a hot air stream:

  • Apply the wet air graph
  • Determine the kinetic graphs for linear phase and diffusion phase drying

Study of the thermal convection coefficient (option):

  • Compare the thermal convection coefficient for various medium configurations:
    • in air,
    • in a bed of fixed particles
    • in a bed of fluidized particles

General Specifications

  • Air feeding circuit with filter, pressure reducing valve and manometers, isolating valve.
  • PVC column with silica gel to dry air.
  • Air heating device equipped with an heating resistance with safety thermostat 90 °C.
  • Glass fluidization chamber with bronze fritted and solid particles bed.
  • Glass cyclone.
  • Piezometric tube with rule.


  • 3 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Flowmeter.
  • 2 Manometers.
  • Metal dial thermometer.
  • Moisture transmitter.

Dim : 125 x 55 x 155 cm – 70 kg
Aluminum profile frame

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