PASCO Gravitational Torsion Balance – AP-8215A

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Following Cavendish’s classic design, PASCO’s Gravitational Torsion Balance combines features that significantly improve ease of setup, durability of the Torsion Band and the quality of results.

Easy Torsion Band Replacement— The PASCO Torsion Band is stiffer and stronger than bands in other units, but the band will break at some time. Attachment clips mounted to the replacement band (one is included with the balance) allow easy band replacement with a screwdriver in less than 10 minutes.

A Complete Manual–The Instruction Manual and Experiment Guide contains illustrated instructions for setting up and performing the measurements, plus an explanation of the theory and mathematics necessary to understand the results.

Fast, Accurate Alignment— Proper alignment remains a critical component to successful measurement of “G.” The AP-8215A enables optimum alignment in several ways:

  • View the pendulum bob’s position through a mirror in the unit’s central shaft. Use the leveling screws in the cast iron base to accurately center the bob.
  • The Equilibrium Adjustment knob and the mechanical advantage of the pulley and belt mechanism make fine adjustment of the equilibrium position easy.
  • Easily adjust pendulum height with a single screw.
  • The smooth action of the rotating large sphere supports ensures that the balls can be moved easily without disturbing the motion of the small spheres.