Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Station 3 – High Rack Warehouse


The Industry 4.0 Mechatronics Training System (mMS 4.0) is a whole Industry 4.0 factory in miniature consisting of three flexible, exchangeable and expandable stations. The complete system displays a cube-assembly, which puts together various halves of the cubes. Each single station provides the opportunity to process specified learning topics. Thanks to its modular design which allows complete flexibility, each station can be installed independently.

The warehouse station provides automatic storage of the processed workpieces in a high rack warehouse: 3 x 5 storage spaces, 2-axis servo robots with pneumatics, light barrier and enclosure with safety switch. The assembled cubes are moved by a cartesian robot with pneumatic gripper into the high rack warehouse.

The station can be extensively controlled and programmed via modern bus technology. It is also possible to move individual axes, use axis-interpolation when using robotics, or to use it as a CNC application.

  • Bus technology: decentralized field line I/O, PROFIBUS, Sercos
  • Safety technology
  • Drive technology: servo motor, axes with drive and belt transmission
  • 2-axes commissioning: travel cycles (PLCopen), robotics, CNC
  • Pneumatics: rotary module, cylinder, and grabber
  • 3 learning topics in one station: PLC programming (high rack warehouse), cartesian robot, CNC

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