Bosch Rexroth Advanced Hydraulics Training System



Bosch Rexroth’s DS4-NA training system covers all of your hydraulic and/or pneumatic training requirements on one common platform. Hardware and curriculum (student and teacher) support training on the following topics:


  • Pneumatic principles
  • Electro-pneumatics
  • PLC controlled pneumatics
  • Simple mechatronics (pick and place)


  • Hydraulic principles
  • Electro-hydraulics
  • PLC controlled hydraulics
  • Proportional control in open and closed loop
  • Mobile hydraulic principles
  • Advanced mobile hydraulic controls

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics Training Systems, DS4NA, cover all requirements to be met by training courses for hydraulics. The DS4NA training system offers a complete solution for teaching and demonstration of the operation of modern hydraulics and prepares the trainees for their work in the industry.

The device sets with industrial standard components used on the hydraulic workstations are the same ones which students will find later in their careers in plant and machinery.

Due to the use of a load sensing piston pump hydraulic unit, the DS4NA is perfectly suited for mobile hydraulics training and is capable of demonstrating the concepts particular to mobile hydraulics using a hands-on practical approach.

The Hydraulics Training System comes in different variations and can be configured and extended with various component sets to grow with changes and additions to your curriculum.

Of course with the focus on Industry 4.0 you may wish to add a few additional sensors to capture data such as temperature or flow rate. Click here to explore the world of “Connected Hydraulics”.

Click here to view the range of Hydraulics experiments.

(Note – Hydraulics Manual is available in both English and French)

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Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulics bench is really great! Robust, easy to use, and it offers the possibility to expand and add components to keep up with new technologies. My students are always motivated while working with the bench and I now understand why it has such a strong reputation. It is impossible to regret this purchase!

Marc Boudreau
Professor, Kativik

Sample Experiments

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