PIGNAT Influence Of Stirrer Blades – EMA2000


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Study the influence of stirring blades

  • SS removable counter blades

Study the influence of the stirring speed:

  • Observe flow in two media with different viscosity
  • Study the vortex as a function of stirring speed
  • Study the effect of counter-blades

Study and compare stirring blades

  • Distinguish between axial and radial flow blades
  • Determine the mixing duration

General Specifications

  • Stirred tank: glass reactor, 25 L
  • Stirring motor
  • 316L SS Stirring shaft
  • SS removable counter blades
  • SS set of four removable stirring blades in 316L:
    • Impeller (Ø 150)
    • Bladed propeller (Ø 150)
    • Anchor (Ø 288)
    • Rushton (Ø 100)


  • Digital display of speed and torque
  • Conductimeter: Electronic display, mixed conductivity and temperature probe

Dim : 110 x 90 x 150 cm – 80 kg
Aluminum profile framework

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