KUKA KR3 Agilus Robot


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KUKA quality, flexibility and technical perfection make the KR 3 AGILUS a pioneer in the 3-kg class.

Programmed, controlled and operated via the proven smartPAD and the KR C4 compact controller.

Maximum performance in minimum space!

Great advances often start with small steps – in manufacturing cells measuring only 600 × 600 mm. Here, the KR 3 AGILUS is in its element. Particularly in the case of small parts and products which must be produced in a minimum of space.

KUKA expertise, concentrated into the smallest of spaces, is setting new standards for the 3-kg class. The lightweight robot masters various tasks with agility, dynamism and maximum precision, leading to high flexibility in production – even when it comes to extremely narrow spaces.

Thanks to its intelligent design, the KR 3 AGILUS is cost-effective, requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable.

Proven KUKA quality, reliable technology and robust components provide the highest availability and optimal output – and, as a result, maximum ROI and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Technical Data: KR 3 R540

Payload: max. 3 kg

Reach: max. 541 mm

Pose repeatability: ± 0.02 mm

Footprint: 179 x 179 mm

Weight: approx. 26 kg

Protection rating: IP 40

Controller: KR C4 compact