KUKA ready2_educate _Pro Robot Package with Vision


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KUKA ready2_educate pro is a standard cell concept for robot education in schools, universities & vocational education facilities.

  • Tailored to stand-alone operation
  • Safe cell in accordance to national codes (CE compliant)
  • Minimum preparation time & efforts for teacher/instructor
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Educational applications available
  • Modular design with available upgrades
  • Application Gripper: Ideal for use with the included application hardware


  • Scalable solution with possible upgrades to minimize entry investment and enable experience level increase, step by step
  • Solid Safety Cover with all side access to workspace, 2 sliding windows (counter balanced), 2 turning doors
  • 2 application areas, grid drilling pattern enables quick changes and versatile furniture setups
  • Safety in accordance with national standards, CE labeled
  • Movable by manual forklift

Vision package:

  • Application (dropbox, slider, additional vacuum gripper, alignment station, calibration plate)
  • Fixed mount smart camera
    •  Incl. lenses + auto focus
    • Incl. Illumination (red light)
    • Unlimited offline programming licenses
  • Cabling & energy supply (electric and pneumatic components)


Maximum performance, connectivity and flexibility – the KR C5 integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and immediately delivers added value through more efficient performance in all application areas.
Compact, high-quality and with low energy consumption: the KUKA KR C5 controller offers possibilities for saving space, delivers highly efficient performance and at the same time conserves resources. In this way, it can be seamlessly integrated into heterogeneous automation landscapes, and almost all KR C4 applications are supported again – for more applications with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Teaching Materials: