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The Celtic Star range has been developed to provide robust and reliable Class 1 laser cutting and engraving systems.  They combine high speed processing with high beam placement accuracy, ensuring high output quality and short processing times.  The flying optics of the machine are operated by DC servo motors, with a red dot laser pointer assisting pre-cutting alignment.  Auto-focus is fitted to all machines as standard, while dual focusing optics provide easily changed setups for cutting and engraving.

Key features of every Celtic Star machine are:

Suitable Materials for Cutting and Engraving

PMMA and many other plastics, organic board, double colour plate, wood, bamboo, veneer, MDF, leather, fabric, textile, wool, felt, paper, cardboard, chipboard, press board


Suitable Materials for Engraving only

ceramic, tile, marble, fibre-glass


Water Chiller

Each machine is supplied with a closed loop water chiller to cool for laser tube.


Air Fan for Cut Assist

Cut Assist introduces a controlled airflow into the cutting area, resulting in higher edge quality and cleaner cutting.


X and Y axis control

DC servo motors provide higher accuracy of beam positioning and better curvature resolution.


Auto focus for table

Auto focus measures the distance from the focal lens to the top of the material being processed, ensuring optimum results on all thicknesses.


Two focusing nozzle assemblies

Cutting and engraving have separate, optimized nozzle assemblies for best performance when exclusively performing one or the other.  The Assembly can be changed over in minutes


Exhaust System

Each machine is supplied with a suitable BOFA filtered exhaust system


Communication/File Protocols

USB input, either from memory stick plugged directly into the laser system or by connection to a PC. Supported File Formats PLT, DXF, BMP,DST, Ai


Red Pointer Laser

All systems are fitted with red pointer lasers, allowing the user to pre-test any file layout.


Lens Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit includes all the necessary equipment and supplies to keep the machine optics clean, to provide optimum cutting quality and efficiency.



12 months warranty supplied on all machines


Specs-CS3040 Specs-CS6090 Specs-CS1290 Specs-CS1490
Working Area 400 x 300mm 900 x 600mm 900 x 600mm 1400 x 900mm
Laser Power Options 25, 40, 60W 60, 80, 100W 60, 80, 100, 150W 60, 80, 100, 150W
Laser Type CO2 – 10.6um Wavelength CO2 – 10.6um Wavelength CO2 – 10.6um Wavelength CO2 – 10.6um Wavelength


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