LD Didactic: COM4LAB: Modem Technology

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The course Modem Technology deals with the fundamentals and applications of shift keyed signals and modems.

Learning objectives

  • Learning physical basic principles


The course covers the following topics:

  • Amplitude shift keying (ASK)
  • Frequency shift keying (FSK)
  • 2-phase shift keying (2PSK)
  • 4-phase shift keying (4PSK)
  • Difference phase coding
  • Shift keyed signals in the time domain
  • Shift keyed signals in the frequency domain
  • Estimation of the bandwidth
  • Modulation rate / data rate
  • SNR & bandwidth
  • Hardware of the modulators
  • Hardware of the demodulators
  • Carrier recovery & synchronisation of the demodulators
  • Error correction
  • Error detection
  • Operational modes, simplex half duplex, full duplex
  • NRZ line code
  • Fault simulation