PIGNAT Level Control – BRN1000



Study and adjust a level control loop at atmospheric pressure (The experiment may
also be conducted under pressure up to a relative pressure of 0.5 bar):

  • Identify loop components: sensor, controller, actuator
  • Controlling variable and controlled variable concepts
  • Identify the system: integration constant and dead time
  • Determine P, I and D actions and controller parameters
  • Study the system’s response to interference and setpoint changes

Study and set the parameters of the industrial sensors and actuators installed

Use an industrial technical file (electrical circuit diagrams, block diagrams,
parts lists, technical documentation on components)

General Specifications

  • Water feeding circuitry
  • Stainless steel control valve, with variable CV.
  • Pneumatic access mechanism and actuator.
  • Clear PVC cylindrical tank equipped with a graduated rule. Internal overflow tube with linear zone and non linear zone.
  • Isolating valve of the tank under pressure.
  • Electronic differential pressure transmitter.
  • Disturbing piping.
  • Quick coupling for possible feeding from the flow control bench.
  • Tapping for to connect to the pressure control bench (BRP 1000).


  • Relative pressure transmitter.
  • PID configurable controller

Dim : 80 x 60 x 80cm – 50 kg
Aluminum profile framework 30 x 30mm

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.