TecQuipment Liquid Sedimentation Apparatus – H311

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The bench-mounting apparatus consists of five long, transparent sedimentation columns mounted on a rigid frame.

The rear panel is translucent, with back lighting to improve observation of settling sediments in the columns. The columns are removable for filling before tests. A graduated scale on the rear panel allows students to measure settlement depth.

Supplied with the equipment is a stopwatch to find settling times, a specific gravity bottle, measuring beakers and five rubber bungs. The rubber bungs seal the ends of the columns when the students shake the liquid and particles (slurry) before an experiment.

Key features:

  • Compact, bench-mounting apparatus to study how particles settle in liquid
  • Finds settling characteristics and particle sizes of suspended solids
  • Five identical sedimentation columns for comparison of different sediments
  • Translucent rear panel with back lighting for better visibility
  • Includes stopwatch, measuring beakers and specific gravity bottle
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations and student experiments

Learning outcomes:

  • Comparison of settling characteristics of different sediments
  • Determination of the effect of concentration on settling characteristics (hindered settlement)
  • Determination of velocity distribution curves
  • Comparison of flocculent and particle suspensions
  • Determination of particle size distribution (grading curve) by liquid sedimentation