Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Station 1 – Material Transport and Identification



The Industry 4.0 Mechatronics Training System (mMS 4.0) is a whole Industry 4.0 factory in miniature consisting of three flexible, exchangeable and expandable stations. The complete system displays a cube-assembly, which puts together various halves of the cubes. Each single station provides the opportunity to process specified learning topics. Thanks to its modular design which allows complete flexibility, each station can be installed independently.

The Material Transport and Detection Station, Station 1, supplies the halves of the cube on a conveyor belt, position and material will be detected via sensors and halves of the cubes get transferred or sorted out.

In Station 1, just like in “real life”, individual, extensive sensory checks are carried out: capacitive, inductive, and visual. Incorrect materials can then be removed. The station is easily controlled from the control panel, but also is programmable via smart devices and various high-level languages (e.g. Visual Basic, C , C#, etc.). The most important components include:

  • Machine control panel
  • Conveyor belt
  • 2 separating racks
  • Sensor technology analog/digital
  • Removal unit
  • Profibus coupler
  • Safety technology (optional)
  • Connected Industry 4.0: Open Core Engineering, HMI & RFID (optional)

As an affordable alternative, Station 1 also comes in a tabletop setup with already wired individual modules (e.g. rack, sensor technology, etc.) on an aluminum profile plate. The tabletop version, which is expandable to an entire station, teaches about the interactions of actuators and sensors. The course content includes:

  • Wiring, measurement, troubleshooting
  • Sensors for workpiece recognition
  • Relay control of digital signals via industrial relay or optional circuit board
  • DC motor control
  • Integrating pneumatic cylinders and valves

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