Matrix: 5 Buggy Class Set with Accessories

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The 5 buggy class set with accessories (RB7240) comes at a fantastic, discounted price. For study within a class environment, the buggies are contained in an easy to store Gratnells tray and provide you with a set of maze walls and a maze mat for your class based activities.

It comes with Bluetooth capability which enables you to program the robot from any host with a Bluetooth connection. The buggy itself includes a fabulous specification, LEDs, distance and light sensors, line following sensors, integrated metal gears and encoders, microphone, speaker and more.

If you are an advanced robotics user, or a beginner looking to develop your robotics knowledge and understand, the buggy is perfect for you. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for compatibility with Android and Apple devices, Raspberry Pi, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Flowcode and Blockly visual software and many more.



  • Five host independent robots, maze walls, maze mat
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Android, MATLAB & more
  • Rechargeable batteries and 2 micro USB leads included
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Free complete course included