Matrix: 8202 Level 2 – Electronic Components and Circuits Solutions

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This solution (LK2901) allows students to understand the operation of a range of commonly used components in both DC and AC circuits.  The learning outcomes are closely aligned with the requirement of City and Guilds 8202 level 2 topic 4: Understand electronics components.

The kit includes a range of practical assignments which guide students from simple circuits that allow them to understand component operation through to circuits that are made up of a number of components that perform useful tasks in electrical systems.

A full set of colour printable worksheets and teacher’s notes is supplied.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • Operation of resistors, capacitors, thermistors, diodes, zener diodes, photo transistor, transistor and triac
  • AC and DC circuits including rectification, amplification, dimming, soft start, current limiting, light indicators, sensors
  • Full worksheets available online
  • Shipped in standard storage cases

Please note, to deliver this course you will also need a multimeter.


CP2813 – Electronic Components and Circuits 2 (for LK2901)
LK2901 – Bill of Materials