Matrix: New Electrical and Electronic Principles Solution

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    • Packed with experiments for physics students
    • Two 50 page worksheets books with each kit
    • Includes rugged storage case
    • ANSI version available – order code: LK9329-2A

This Physics A level kit provides a comprehensive range of practical assignments for electricity and magnetism and is ideal for those who are studying science and electricity at a more advanced level.  The kit is supplied with a comprehensive set of worksheets and teachers’ notes.


To add PICmicro investigation to this kit, please see the PICmicro add-on kit – LK5822A

To add Operational amplifier investigation to this kit, see the OPamp add-on kit – LK6906A


To deliver the full course you will also need:

LK1110 Multimeter pack

HP7894 Signal generator

HP8279 Picoscope

Learning Objectives and Experiments

  • Batteries in series and parallel
  • Internal resistance of batteries
  • Power dissipation and efficiency
  • Potential dividers
  • Resistivity
  • Kirchoff’s laws
  • AC circuits
  • Capacitors
  • Transformers


LK7664 – Electricity matters 3 (for LK9329)
LK7773 – Electricity matters 4 (for LK9329)
LK9329-2 – Bill of Materials
LK9329-2A – Bill of Materials