Matrix: Automotive ECU Architecture and Logic


This kit provides students with a practical understanding of how Electronics Control Units within a vehicle are constructed and how they operate.

This kit allows students to investigate Electronics Control Unit circuits using a pre-programmed micro ECU. Students start by building a fully functioning ECU with inputs, a relay and a transistor output and carry out the bulk of learning with it. Students construct a circuit around the ECU, select one of 14 programs on the ECU and work through the workbook provided. The workbook includes a number of fault finding exercises so that students can understand how faults in ECU circuits can be diagnosed and interpreted. Suitable for Level 3 students and technicians. A full workbook of exercises is provided.

Learning objectives:

  • ECU operation and structure
  • Logic functions
  • Pulse width Modulation
  • Inputs and switches
  • Sensors – light, temperature, Hall effect
  • Transistor and relay outputs
  • Simple actuators – motors and solenoids
  • Fiber optics
  • Fault finding in ECU circuits