Matrix: Automotive Motors, Generators and Charging Systems


The Automotive Motors, Generators and Charging Systems kit allows students to explore the fundamentals behind motors and charging systems. This kit provides students with a basic understanding of motor construction and a range of experiments that aids students understanding of charging systems. This pack introduces students to the use of oscilloscopes to observe AC, DC pulse width modulated and single pulse signals.

  • Comprehensive worksheets are provided
  • Matrix: DC Motor/Brushless DC Motor pair (HP-2001) is required
  • ANSI version available – order code: LK2410A


Learning Objectives:

  • Current – AC, DC, RMS
  • Motor principles
  • Generator principles
  • DC permanent magnet motor, Brushless three phase motor, Three phase generator
  • Half and full wave rectification
  • Three phase rectification
  • Charge systems in vehicles
  • DC power supplies and ripple
  • Zener diodes
  • DC motor control using Pulse Width Modulation
  • Oscilloscope triggering
  • Generating high tension
  • Fault finding in high tension systems