Matrix: Downstream Board – Micro Project Combo Board

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This flexible downstream board (BL0114) is an ideal platform for learning and project development.  The E-blocks2 combo board will work with any upstream E-blocks2 programmer, allowing multiple technologies to be explored using a single downstream E-blocks board.

The E-blocks2 Combo Board is an ideal resource to help learn to program using flowcharts, C or assembly code.

When combined with the conversion board (BL0113), this Micro Project can be used with our original E-blocks upstream boards.  Please note that the E-blocks2 Auto-ID functionality will not work with E-blocks version 1 upstream boards.

Features include:

  • 16 individual LEDs
  • 16 individual switches
  • Quad 7-segment display
  • 20 x 4 character alphanumeric LCD
  • On-boards sensors (light/potentiometer)
  • Audio output socket

New features in E-blocks2 include: 

  • Power now routed via the connector – no more flying leads
  • Board auto-ID functionality
  • Flowcode automatic project set up
  • Smaller footprint using up to date surface mount technology
  • Overcurrent resettable fuse protection

For more information, see our technical datasheet.