Matrix: Downstream Board – Motors and Actuators

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The Downstream Board – Motors and Actuators allows for investigation into several different motor types – a DC motor, a servo motor and a stepper motor. Included on the Actuators board (BL0127) is a DC motor with both analogue and digital feedback, a servo motor and a stepper motor plus the circuitry to drive the motors.

The DC motor is driven using a standard H-Bridge driver IC and can be powered using simple digital on/off right through to analogue pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques.  By monitoring the feedback, a closed-loop control system can be made to control the speed of the motor.  A second H-Bridge driver IC is used to drive the four coils of the stepper motor, allowing for full-step and half-step operation.  The stepper motor features an internal gearbox to provide a high level of torque and precise angle control.  The servo motor is a standard R/C servo motor with a supplied actuator arm.

The board features a DC socket to allow the various drivers to be powered from a secondary power supply.

If using this board with First Generation upstream E-blocks, then you will need an BL0113 connector board.