Matrix: Dynamics Fundamentals

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This kit enables students to study dynamic engineering fundamentals through the use of experimentation for pulleys, flywheels, toggles and inclined planes. This kit is supplied in storable trays and with a full, free curriculum workbook.

This set of equipment covers the needs of students studying pulleys, static and sliding friction, mechanisms and energy conversion. Students use the storable work panel (included) to construct a range of experiments, which allow you to study a full course in dynamic engineering systems. A full 10 hour workbook is included free of charge in the Learning Centre for this kit.

Learning objectives:

  • Kinetic and gravitational energy parameters and principles
  • Dynamic parameters and principles
  • Newton’s Law of Motion
  • Mechanical efficiency and advantage
  • Flywheel experimentation
  • Toggle mechanisms
  • Single and compound Pulley experimentation
  • Static and sliding friction on Inclined planes (with frictional surfaces and rollers)

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