Matrix: Electrical Installation 1 Solution



The electrical installation 1 solution (LK5000) allows students who aspire to go on to become plumbers or electricians to gain a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of electricity. The learning outcomes are closely aligned with City and Guilds 7202 unit 107 in Electrical science. The kit includes a comprehensive range of practical assignments in electricity, basic circuits and the use of multimeters for measuring and fault diagnosis.

The kit is supplied with a comprehensive set of printable worksheets and teacher’s notes on pdf.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • The basic principles of electron flow theory
  • Simple units of electrical measurement
  • Using multimeters
  • The effects of an electric current
  • Simple electrical calculations
  • AC and DC supplies
  • Simple electrical circuits


LK4098 – Electrical Installation 1 (for LK5000)
LK5000 – Bill of Materials