Matrix: Learning Center – Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi Learning Center creates simple and rugged environments that encourage the development of Raspberry Pi projects. Due to the comprehensible design, the product is extremely suitable for individuals new to microcontrollers, switches, LEDs and LCD screens. The BL0557 Raspberry Pi development centre and printed panel feature visual diagrams to help users understand how the Raspberry Pi and combo board are interfaced, without having to reference multiple datasheets.

The Learning Center consists of a Raspberry Pi shield and a Combo board (BL0114) mounted to a development platform.  The protective covers allow access to the essential configurable elements, but prevent users from interfering with key link settings.

  • Includes E-blocks2 Raspberry Pi shield and combo board
  • Supplied with plastic protective covers
  • Power supply and USB cable included

Includes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B