Matrix: Materials Fundamentals

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This kit enables students to study materials fundamentals through the use of a tensile tester, shear force tester and other equipment. This kit is supplied in storable trays and with a full, free curriculum workbook

This set of equipment covers the needs of students studying torsion, stress and strain, elastic constants, Young’s Modulus and more. Students use the storable work panel (included) to construct a range of experiments, which allow you to study a full course in material principles. A full 10-hour workbook is included free of charge in the Learning Centre for this kit.

Learning objectives:

  • Torsion of rods
  • What effect has Polar second moment of area on torque and modulus of rigidity
  • What effect has torque, shape, length and material on rod deflection
  • Tensile test using plastic, aluminium and mild steels
  • Understand the terms stress and strain
  • Introduction to Youngs modulus for different materials
  • Terms elastic deformation and plastic deformation
  • Terms yield strength and ductility
  • Shear force tests
  • Shear stress and shear strain
  • What effect has second moment of area on beam deflection
  • What effect has load, shape, length and material on beam deflection
  • Different types of supports for beams