Matrix: Micro CNC

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MATRIX’s MicroCNC range of products are low voltage, easy to store and cost-effective; allowing students to work in small groups to prototype their designs and learn key machining concepts. The robust range is a great introduction to manufacturing engineering principles.

The MicroCNC system controller and base plate allow the user to control our machines using a variety of software packages.

MicroCNC with Baseplate

The baseplate is ordered separately (CN4079) and includes necessary power supplies and an industrial standard computer with stepper motor driver circuitry as well as a USB connection facility to a Windows PC.

After creating designs using CAD software including Solidworks, the user converts their design into G code.

MicroCNC Software screenshot

Matrix supplies Deskproto and CAMBAM software, which imports STL files from a CAD program, calculates CNC toolpaths and then writes a G code program file, allowing prototyping using materials including wax, PU board and acrylic, suitable for lathing, milling, engraving etc.

MicroCNC with Alternative Setup

The machine components are secured to the base plate quickly and easily, to provide a solid and tidy machine that can easily be put away for storage.

The complete MicroCNC set enables users to easily create any one of the three machines in our range, meaning the teaching of manufacturing engineering technologies is made easier than ever.