Matrix: New Class Pool Kit

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    • One per class set for Physics at 16 – 19 years
    • Allows experiments from a range of Science and Engineering worksheets
    • Includes rugged storage cases
    • ANSI version available – order code: LK6802A


This ‘one per class’ kit (LK6802) is designed to give you a flexible suite of parts that can be added to the Electrical and electronic principles pack to allow a much wider range of experiments and demonstrations in Electronics from our Operational Amplifiers, PICmicro, Logic and Energy and Environment solutions. The pack also includes useful equipment for teaching Lenz’s law, Faraday’s law and motor principles. This pack is suitable for Physics extension work and projects. Curriculum, available from our resources page, includes workbooks in Energy and Environment, PICmicro investigations, Operational amplifiers and working with logic gates.


LK3061 – Operational amplifiers (for LK9422 & LK6906)
LK6802 – Bill of Materials
LK6802A – Bill of Materials
LK7122 – Energy and the Environment (for LK7345)
LK7209 – Microcontroller systems (for LK8922)
LK9392 – Intro to digital electronics (for LK4221)