Matrix: Pneumatic Control with S7-1200 Siemens PLC Add-on


This kit can be added to the Automatics Essentials Solution to produce learning outcomes for those wishing to study about rugged, industrial PLCs. By following the provided curriculum, students will learn how the combination of a rugged Siemens industrial controller and related software can create powerful and flexible pneumatic systems. Students will learn how to establish the state of a pneumatic machine using sensor, the use of logic to process that data and the issuing of commands to the included solenoid values.

Two versions of the curriculum are supplied. In the first, students use pre-programmed control systems supplied in the Siemens S7-1200’s built-in memory. A more advanced course, Control plus, teaches students how to write their own programs for the PLC

Learning Objectives:

  • Reading sensors and switches
  • Issuing commands to the pneumatic circuits
  • Learning the difference between digital and analogue signals
  • Using flowcharts to visualize programs
  • Program flow and decision making
  • Programming sequences
  • Programming industrially rugged programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Using feedback to enhance reliability and improve safety




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