Matrix: Process Control – Level

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The Level system consists of a reservoir water tank, a variable speed pump, a pressure-based level sensor, and clear process vessel with a scale. A proportional valve provides the process vessel drain. An overflow pipe in the process vessel prevents it from being overfilled and the system allows students to adjust the pump speed and valve opening.

The Modern Process Control system from Matrix, allows students to investigate the principles of industrial process control, using independent Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level based systems.

With a common controller for all applications, the advanced 16bit dsPIC processor with operating system, comes equipped with USB, Wifi, Bluetooth and LAN communications. Once set up the system can run independently and does not require a PC connection. Data can be viewed on the internal graph or saved to a file for later analysis and comes ready to plug in for 110-240V operation.

Full documentation is supplied with the units, including a manual for the equipment and a curriculum workbook, which guides students through the use of Process control systems and the Control function. Transfer functions can be studied using MATLAB or equivalent software.



  • 4mm x 1.5mm Wall clear PVC tube (300mm)
  • UK head for 24V PSU
  • 24V PSU 60w 2.5A
  • Level process control system assembly
  • Barley pot for process control
  • USB lead

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