Matrix: Statics Fundamentals

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This kit enables students to study static forces, moments, levers, beams and more. This kit is supplied in storable trays and with a full, free curriculum workbook.

This set of equipment covers the needs of students studying forces, moments, beams and more. Students use the storable work panel (included) to construct a range of experiments, which allow you to study a full course in static engineering systems. A full 10-hour workbook is included free of charge in the Learning Centre for this kit.

Learning objectives:

  • Forces (mass, force, weight, combining, parallelogram, triangle and polygon
  • Centre of gravity
  • Units of weight and mass
  • Free body diagrams
  • Force vectors
  • Coplanar forces
  • Bow’s notation
  • Principles of moments and moment of forces
  • Distinguishing between moments and torque
  • Equilibrium of forces
  • Levers and the term mechanical advantage
  • Simply supported beams
  • Concentrated and uniform distributed loads
  • Different types of pinned supports


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