Matrix: Three Phase Systems


This pack (LK4961) is suitable for initial investigations into three-phase systems. The pack includes the parts needed to set up three-phase systems based on star and delta topologies with balanced and unbalanced loads. The pack allows power measurements to be understood and it includes a low voltage three-phase motor. A full-colour workbook with teachers’ notes is included. HP5834, 4 input Picoscope available as an accessory to this kit and also HP5561, a current clamp is available.


Learning objectives:

  • Three phase circuits – star and delta
  • Balanced and unbalanced loads
  • Phase relationships in three phase systems
  • Phase vectors
  • Using a capacitor to create a phase shift for motors
  • Three phase rectification – half and full
  • Real, reactive and apparent power
  • Three phase inductance and reactance
  • Power in three phase systems
  • Motors in three phase systems
  • Using current clamps and PC oscilloscopes
  • Power factor correction