Matrix: Transistor Amplifiers Add-On Pack

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    • Locktronics add on pack
    • Suitable for use with the LK9071-2 kit
    • Full curriculum available from the Locktronics resources page
    • ANSI version available.  Order code: LK9435A


This add-on pack can be added to one of our basic kits to allow students to understand the use of transistors in amplifier circuits. Students construct a number of different types and classes of transistor amplifiers included classes A, B and AB and analyse their behaviour. Curriculum including experiments, teacher’s notes is available on the Locktronics resources page of the website.

Learning Objectives

  • Testing transistors
  • BJT transistor characteristics
  • Transistor as a switch
  • Transistor as an amplifier
  • Transformer coupled amplifier
  • Stabilised common-emitter amplifier
  • Two-stage amplifier
  • Push-pull amplifier


LK4403 – Transistor Amplifier (for LK9435 & LK9422)
LK9435 – Bill of Materials
LK9435A – Bill of Materials