Matrix: Upstream Board – Raspberry Pi Shield

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The Raspberry Pi shield (BL0036) allows you to connect a Raspberry Pi PCB computer up to an E-blocks system to provide you with a powerful programming and debugging platform.

The Raspberry Pi shield presents all GPIO and peripheral pins collected together as E-blocks2 sockets.   The board takes power from an external power supply or from the micro USB port.

New features in E-blocks2 include:

  • Power now routed via the connector – no more flying leads
  • Board auto ID functionality
  • Smaller footprint using up to date surface mount technology
  • Over current resettable fuse protection

E-blocks > E-blocks2

If using this board with First Generation downstream E-blocks, then you will need an E-blocks2 upstream to E-blocks downstream connector.

Raspberry Pi not included.


E-blocks2 Datasheet