PIGNAT Mini Chemical Reactor Computerized – REA3000


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Provides a small volume reactor (1 liter) for studying chemical reactions with various parameters

Perform a reaction:

  • Controlling the temperature of the reaction mixture
  • Controlling the temperature of the heat transfer fluid
  • Influencing of stirring speed

Add reagent at the beginning or at a later stage

Reaction media

  • Homogeneous liquid
  • Gas-liquid heterogeneous

Proposed Experiments:

  • Perform organic synthesis (e.g. synthesis of aspirin)
    • Study the chemical reaction mechanism and reagent preparation
    • Adjust process parameters: temperature, stirring, reagent feed mode
    • Aspirin obtained in solvent phase
    • Controlled crystallization of aspirin
    • Isolate the product, calculate the yield and analyse the purity.

Technical Description:

  1. Reactor:
    • Glass tank, double jacket, 1 liter.
    • Torion type drainig valve.
    • Glass cover.
    • Tap for Pt 100Ω Pt temperature probe.
    • Nozzle to the glass condenser.
    • Glass condenser with an internal coil.
    • Glass reagent feed funnel, 500 ml, draining valve
  2. Temperature control unit:
    • Electronic display and control of the bath temperature and of the temperature by an external probe (reaction medium).
    • Temperature : 20°C to 150°C.
    • Heating power : 2000 W.
    • Group volume: about 4 L.
    • Water cooling
  3. Stirring:
    • Adjustable speed motor 0 to 500 rpm.
    • Stirring bearing.
    • PTFE shaft and mobile.
  4. Cooling water feed :
    • Isolating valve.
    • Setting valve.
    • Float type flow meter.
    • Collecting by gravity.
  5. Gas intake circuit :
    • Isolating valve.
    • Setting valve.
    • Float type flow meter.
    • PTFE flexible and nozzle.
    • Vent above the condenser.

Optional Equipment:

  • Reactor for internal cooling
    • Addition of a glass coil inside the reactor for cooling.
    • Selection three way valve for water feed

General Specifications

  • Glass reactor, jacketed, glass cover, reflux head with distillation valve.
  • Stirrer, SS/PTFE shaft and mobile.
  • Glass coil condenser, jacketed.
  • Glass reagent feed funnel, draining valve and filling hole.
  • Heating group.


  • 5 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Air flowmeter.
  • Water flowmeter.

Dim : 120 x 55 x 125 cm – 70 kg
SS framework 30 x 30mm

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