PIGNAT Mini Continuous Distillation – DVI100


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Distillation is a process including heat and material transfers in order to separate one or several products of relative different volatility.

The separation is carried out by a chaining of vaporizations and condensations.

The theoretical base is that a vapor produced from a mixture is in equilibrium with the mixture liquid phase and has generally a higher composition in the most volatile compound.

The separation is carried out in a column (packed or plates column) designed to get the best contact and material exchanges between the climbing vapor and the falling liquid into the column.

This separations can be done in continuous or discontinuous (batch) process.

  • Study of column hydrodynamics
  • Determination of overflow conditions

Study of main parameters

  • Mass Balance
  • Thermal Balance
  • Yield and hold-up

Study of the continuous distillation

  • Thermosiphon boiler
  • Bubble trays column
  • External reflux

General specifications

  • Feeding pump, with by- pass valve.
  • Distillate pump.
  • Column bottom pump.
  • Glass preheating, two coils.
  • Glass boiler, 1.3 L, heater.
  • Low level detector.
  • Glass column bubble cap plates.
  • Glass condenser, glass coil.
  • Cooler, in glass, glass coil.
  • Distillate receiver.
  • Bottoms receiver.


  • 4 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Differential pressure.
  • Flowmeters.
  • Level sensor with vibrating blades.


Dim: 165 x 70 x 115 cm – 150 kg


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