PIGNAT Mini Stirred Liquid – Liquid Extraction – ELA100


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Liquid-liquid extraction process in a stirred column

Study of the process of liquid-liquid extraction

  • Identification of the operating conditions
  • Determination of the interphase level

Apply a ternary phase diagram

  • Material balance
  • Determination of the efficiency of the HUT / NUT column

General Specification

  • 2 polyethylene storage tank, 9 L.
  • 2 self priming peristaltic pump, variable speed.
  • Glass decanter with light phase outlet, heavy phase feeding.
  • Glass column.
  • Stirring device, composed of 20 SS Rushton type stirrer, variable frequency motor.
  • Glass decanter with heavy phase outlet, light phase feeding, draining column.
  • Inter-phase level setting system by lateral crosshead, setting from the ground.

Dim : 105 x 65 x 135 cm – 80 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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