TecQuipment Modified 4 Stroke Diesel Engine – TD212

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A four-stoke single-cylinder diesel engine with modified cylinder head and crank for use with TecQuipment’s TD200 Small Engine Test Set.

High-quality and cost-effective four-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine for use with TecQuipment’s Small Engine Test Set (TD200). Adapted specially for education to enable effective laboratory testing and demonstrations, the engine includes an exhaust thermocouple, a half-coupling to link to the test bed dynamometer and all essential hoses and fittings. In addition, each engine includes a colour-coded fuel tank with self-sealing couplings. The couplings ensure the engine can be connected and disconnected quickly and efficiently with minimum loss or spillage of fuel. For convenience and safety, the fuel tank can be removed for filling or for storage in a fuel locker when not in use. Removing the fuel tank also prevents unauthorized use of the equipment.

The engine has a modified cylinder head and crank. These allow use with the Cylinder Head Pressure Transducer (ECA101 available separately) and the Crank Angle Encoder (EA102 available separately). These can then connect to the Engine Cycle Analyzer (ECA100 available separately) to extend the range of experiments possible. The engine is mounted on a sturdy precision bed plate. The bed plate has dowels and slots which align and locate it accurately with the dynamometer test set. This minimizes the time spent replacing one engine with another.

This engine starts using a simple pull cord, but TecQuipment can supply an electric start version (TD212ES).

Key features:

  • For safe and effective studies and demonstrations of a four-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine
  • For use with TecQuipment’s Small Engine Test Set (TD200)
  • Modified for use with optional Pressure (ECA101) and Crank Angle (ECA102) Transducers and Engine Cycle Analyzer (ECA100)
  • Wide range of investigations possible
  • Quickly and accurately mounts on the test bed
  • Electric start option
  • Includes colour-coded fuel tank with quick-release couplings

Learning outcomes

When used with TecQuipment’s Small Engine Test Set (TD200), investigations into the performance and characteristics of a four-stroke diesel engine, including:

  • Torque, speed and power relationship
  • Brake mean effective pressure
  • Engine performance curves
  • Air and fuel consumption
  • Volumetric and thermal efficiencies
  • Willans line – When used with TecQuipment’s Small Engine Test Set (TD200), Cylinder Head Pressure Transducer (ECA101), Crank Angle Encoder (ECA102) and Engine Cycle Analyzer (ECA100), students can investigate further features including:
    • Plotting p-θ and p-V diagrams
    • Engine cycle analysis
    • Indicated mean effective pressure
    • Indicated power
    • Comparison of brake and indicated mean effective pressures
    • Mechanical efficiency of the engine

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