PIGNAT 50 L Multi Purpose Stainless Steel Reactor – OTP-RPI




Chemical engineering refers especially to chemical reaction engineering. Indeed, chemical reactions, catalyzed or not, are at the heart of all industrial syntheses.  Study of a chemical reaction, in a perfectly‐stirred reactor, permits the operator to understand the influence of the different parameters in the optimization of the chemical synthesis with a view to its industrialization.

Carry out operations of fine chemistry products synthesis

Perform and study reactions:

  • Esterification or saponification
  • Concentration by evaporation
  • Crystallization by cooling

Knowledge of reaction’s characteristics:

  • Basic, aqueous, organic, mineral medium
  • Endo or exothermic reaction
  • Bi-phase catalytic reaction

Carrying out of an operation depending on operating conditions:

  • Working pressure: atmospheric or vacuum
  • Monitoring of cooling during crystallization
  • Management of the distillation with reflux ratio definition

Proposed experiments:

  • Butyl acetate esterification.
  • Separation of reaction products by distillation and decantation.
  • Calculation of reaction output.
  • Calculation of mass balances.

Technical description:

  • Stainless steel cover, ND 500, 11 connections : ND 100 column inlet, stirring, ND 150 feeding orifice, two sight holes , reactive flow, manometer thermometer, egg, products return, column’s DP measurement.
  • Stainless steel conic tank, ND 500, 50 L, jacket, low dead draining valve assembly. Heat protection by dis-mountable perforated sheet.
  • Flame proof stirring engine, with mechanical speed variator: 20 to 150 rpm. Mobile and stainless steel shaft . Sealing by PTFE compression stuffing box.
  • Feeding funnel, 25 L capacity, SURLYN coating, setting valve for float flow meter, draining valve and vacuum connection.
  • ND 100 column, length: 1200, packing : glass Raschig rings 8 x 8, thermometric well and temperature probe at the top, and connection for disc rupture.
  • Partial condenser, ND 150, S = 0.9 m², stainless steel shell and tubes, intermediary temperature probes on cold water outlet and vapor outlet.
  • External reflux: setting valve, float flow meter, and draining valve
  • Total condenser, ND 150, S = 0.9 m², stainless steel nest of tubes, intermediary temperature probes on cold water outlet, vent thermometer, vacuum connection and pitting for ΔP measurement.
  • External take off: setting valve, float flow meter and draining valve.
  • Liquid column pressure gauge, with liebig.
  • Decanter, capacity 3 L, double jacket, vacuum connection, overflow tube, draining valve.
  • Three – way valves set.
  • Receivers, capacity 2L, graduated, SURLYN coating, draining valve, vent valves and vacuum connection.
  • Vacuum circuitry: Vacuum trap with draining valve, connection to isolating valve and vent valve, process isolating valve, setting valve, general vent valve, discharge shut-off valve, process balance connections.
  • Cold water circuitry: isolating valve, circuitry draining valve, distribution clarinette, temperature probe on inlet, three float flow meters with setting valves, jacketed isolating valves and anti-back flush shutoff valve, liebig feeding valve, decanter feeding valve.
  • Vent and cooling circuit.
  • Steam circuitry: Stainless steel insulated piping, isolating valve, reducing valve, setting valve, draining valve, manometer, jacketed isolating valve, safety valve, temperature probe, snifter valve, steam strap, three-way valve.

General Specifications

  • SS conical tank, 50 L, double jacket and insulated.
  • Stirrer, SS mobile and shaft.
  • Feeding funnel, 25L, SURLYN coated.
  • Column, packed with glass Raschig rings.
  • Partial condenser, SS shell and tubes.
  • Total condenser.
  • Decanter, capacity 3 L, double jacket, vacuum connection, overflow tube.


  • Vacuum gauge.
  • Gauge.
  • Liquid column manometer.
  • 6 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • 2 gas expansion thermometer for reactor and vent.
  • 6 flowmeters.

Dim : 170 x 160 x 450 cm – 200 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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