PIGNAT Anaerobic Digestion 50L-100L – TME3000



Displays the different stages of anaerobic digestion and the process of monitoring for several weeks

  • Residence time distribution
    • Hydrodynamic study
    • Influence of reactor level
  • Production of gas
    • Methane and CO2
  • Influence of the parameters
    • Flowrate, pH and temperature

The unit is used for work in continuous for several weeks. The anaerobic digestion tank is in glass allows the easy observation of reaction middle.

The removable Insulation jacket (that heats) allows to temperature increase in the tank and keeping this temperature during total manipulation.

Treatment of substrate with 20% of dry matter. The anaerobic digestion degrading approximately half of the dry matter.

General specifications

  • Glass vessel, SS lid, draining valve. Removable Insulation jacket (that heats) with viewing window. Electropneumatic valves for recirculation and draw-off. Sampling.
  • Feeding tank, in PVC, removable lid, draining valve. Balance with SS tray.
  • Draw-off tank, in PVC, removable lid, draining valve. Balance with SS tray.
  • Storage tank of pH solution, in PE, 5L.
  • Feeding peristaltic pump speed controller.
  • Draw-of peristaltic pump fixed speed
  • Peristaltic pump addition of pH solution, variable speed.
  • Circuit air: isolating valve, setting valve, air pressure reducing.
  • Option: Ritter high accuracy drum- type gas meter.


  • Temperature probe
  • pH transmitter
  • Safety thermostat
  • Gas meter
  • Transmitted weight

Dim: 280 x 80 x 200cm – 250 kg

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.