PIGNAT Combined Fluidization – FLM2000



Liquid-solid and gas-solid fluidization study

Theoretical and experimental study of fluidization

  • Porosity and expansion of bed, bubbling
  • Theoretically determination of the minimum fluidization velocity: Kozeny-Carman and Ergun equation
  • Experimentally determine the minimum fluidization speed

Study the influence of parameters on fluidization

  • Bed characteristics:
    • Particle diameter and density
    • Bed porosity and height.
  • Fluid characteristics:
    • Fluid flow rate and nature

General Specifications

  • Compressed air feeding circuit: general isolating valve, pressure reducing valve isolating valve.
  • Gas-solid fluidization: glass column, evacuation jar, glass fritted support, two pressure ports, quick-closing clamp.
  • Differential manometer of liquid column, filling valve, draining valve and scale.
  • Water feeding circuit: general isolating valve, float flowmeter with setting valve.
  • Solid-liquid fluidization: glass column, evacuation jar, support: glass perforated plate, two pressure ports, quick-closing clamp, recovery filter at the outlet.


  • Air flowmeter.
  • Water flowmeter.

Dim : 105 x 55 x 175 cm – 60 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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