PIGNAT Continuous Reactors – RAP2000


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Chemical engineering refers especially to chemical reaction engineering. Indeed, chemical reaction, catalyzed or not, are at the heart of all industrial syntheses.  Study of a chemical reaction, in a perfectly‐stirred reactor, permits the operator to understand the influence of the different parameters in the optimization of the chemical synthesis with a view to its industrialization.


  • Study and compare four continuous reactors from two different experiments:
    • Monitoring the dispersion (NaCl) in water to determine the residence time
    • The saponification of ethyl acetate by soda
  • Contains four different reactors with the same volume (0.8L):
    • One perfectly stirred reactor
    • A cascade of two perfectly stirred reactors
    • One plug-flow reactor
    • One tubular reactor
  • Hydrodynamic study of the reactors by the residence time distribution (RTD) method:
    • Determine residence times
    • Compare theoretical and experimental results
  • Determine the chemical conversion rate by conductivity measurement:
    • Materials balance, reaction yield
    • Compare the efficiency of the different reactors

Proposed Experiments:

  • Determine the residence time distribution (RTD):
    • Inject a coloured tracer and monitor conductivity.
    • Use the experimental conductivity = f (time) graphs to determine the residence time for each reactor.
    • Compare the reactors.
  • Saponification of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide.
    • Calibration of conductivity sensors for sodium hydroxide assay.
    • Monitor the reaction conductivity and determine the sodium hydroxide conversion rate.

Technical description:


  • Two diaphragm pumps, variable flow rate.
  • Two glass vessels for constant feed by overflow.
  • Variable rate Stirrer, SS stirring shaft with SS four blades helix.
  • 0.8 L glass reactor, with PTFE cover.
  • 0.8 L glass piston reactor, ND 50.


  • Flowmeters.
  • Conductivity probes.
  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.

Dim : 124 x 70 x 235 cm – 100 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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