PIGNAT Hydrodynamic Column – HDC3000


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Hydrodynamic study of the three columns

Comparative study of the three columns

  • Bubble tray column
  • Column packing with glass Raschig rings
  • Column packing with Multiknit

Study the hydrodynamics of three columns

  • Determine conditions of operation and overflow conditions
  • Determine the pressure drop

General Specifications

  • 90 L polyethylene tank with removable lid and draining valve.
  • Submerged pump, low level detector, isolating valve.
  • Bubble tray column, isolating valve.
  • Glass column, packing with glass Raschig rings 8×8, isolating valve.
  • Glass column packing with Multiknit, isolating valve.
  • Fan, by-pass valve. Pressure measurements.


  • Air float rotameter.
  • Water float rotameter.
  • U piping.

Dim : 200 x 75 x 240 cm – 235 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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