PIGNAT Short Path Evaporator – ESP2000


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Thin film evaporation operation 

Manipulate these operating parameters:
  • Feed rate
  • Working pressure
  • Stirring speed

Determine the heat transfer coefficient

Mass Balance

General Specifications

  • Short path evaporator, glass shell, double jacket.
  • Glass coil.
  • Feeding tank, liquid distributor.
  • Variable speed stirring, local display. PTFE pebbles. Integrated on/off.
  • 2 Glass receivers.
  • Oil heating group.
  • Immersion cooler, cold power.
  • Sliding vane rotary vacuum pump, tight under vacuum.
  • Vacuum circuit with glass vacuum trap,
  • Solenoid valve.
  • Vacuum controller.
  • Cooling water circuit.


  • 2 float flowmeters.
  • Vacuum transmitter.
  • Vacuum controller.

Dim : 130 x 60 x 114cm – 80 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.