PIGNAT Mini Single Effect Evaporator – EVV100


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A bench top training apparatus for the continuous concentration of a solution by evaporation under vacuum.

This working, controlled and operated, continuous evaporation unit and training aid, provides for an in-depth, hands-on understanding of the basic, the practical and the theoretical evaporation process. The device allows the student to experience and operate a continuous evaporation process and modify the variables upon which it is based. The product depicts the dynamic behaviour of single effect evaporation , such as the concentration of a juice or a solution with water and sugar. Students can analyze and calculate the thermal and mass balance as it is operated by the instructor and/or a student.

Operating conditions influence:
  • Working pressure.
  • Initial solution concentration.
  • Feeding flow rate.
Process monitoring:
  • Mass and thermal balances

General specifications:

  • Glass, graduated feeding vessel, 5L.
  • Evaporator glass shell, and  internal steel heating element.
  • Glass cyclone.
  • 2 graduated glass receivers.
  • Condenser : glass shell and coil.
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum circuit with vacuum regulator.
  • Heating group


  • 4 digital thermometers.
  • Flowmeters
  • Vacuum gauge.

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.