PIGNAT Spray Dryer – ATM2000

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Study spray drying:


  • The process entails continuously drying the droplets sprayed into an atmosphere of hot gases.
  • The solids in suspension or in solution in the droplets are simultaneously dried and formed. In many cases forming is either the primary or secondary aim of the operation.


  • Improve the pour-ability of a powder (by obtaining spherical agglomerates).
  • Protect by micro encapsulation.
  • Make a soluble body “instant” (in a form which can redissolve quickly).


  • Maximum hot air temperature of 200 C
  • Saturated solution injection rate from 0 to 1.5 L/h

Proposed experiments:

Manufacturing of powdered milk:

  • Spray drying of milk
  • Characteristics of the solid
    • Influence of air preheating.
    • Influence of injection temperature.
    • Influence in injection rate.
    • Influence of the temperature in the preparation of solutions (option O2).
  • Material balance.
  • Finding the operating limits of the unit for this application.

General Specifications

  • PE feeding flask, 2 L.
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Compressed air injection system
  • System is completely dismountable in order to ease cleaning.
  • Hot air introduction system
  • Glass atomisation chamber
  • Glass cyclone
  • Glass storage flask, 500 mL.

Dim : 55 x 60 x 120 cm – 60 kg
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