TecQuipment Portable Inductive Load Bank – PSA60

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A portable inductive load bank comprising 12 individual switched load inductances arranged in three banks of four for Star or Delta connection.

The Portable Inductive Load Bank is a robust steel enclosure that contains three banks of switchable inductive loads. Each bank of inductors is electrically separate, so they can connect as a star or delta load for three-phase circuits.

Each bank has a set of switches to bring each inductor into circuit. This allows students to create and study the effects of balanced or unbalanced inductive loads.

Each bank of inductors includes a thermally operated circuit-breaker to protect the loads.

Students connect the loads to experiment circuits using safety sockets on the enclosure front panel. Students can use this load bank in combination with the other similar load banks to provide variable power and power factor loads. The other load banks are Resistive (PSA50) and Capacitive (PSA55).
The enclosure has ventilation holes and carrying handles for portability.

Key features:

  • For use as a single or three-phase load
  • Four selectable load values on each bank
  • Works as a balanced or unbalanced load in three-phase circuits
  • Totally independent banks to allow connection as a star or delta load
  • Needs no external supply
  • Includes circuit-breakers on each bank for circuit protection
  • Coloured, shrouded sockets for increased laboratory safety