TecQuipment Pressure Process Training System – TE3300/02

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Self-contained mobile module using pressure as the control variable to illustrate the principles of single-loop control and the calibration & tuning of controllers, transmitters, converters and valves. Demonstrates feedback control, P/PI/PID control and pressure control. Cascade control available when used with the flow process training system and distributed control when used with optional computer control system software.

The Pressure Process Training System is a compact and mobile unit for a wide range of experiments in pressure control. It gives students a greater understanding of the stability of simple control systems.

The self-contained unit can do many experiments, but it can also connect to other products in the TE3300 range for extra experiments. For cascade control of flow and pressure, it can link to the optional Flow Process Training System (TE3300/03). For distributed control, it can connect to the optional Computer Control System (TE3300/06).

The main parts of the Pressure Process Training system are:

  • Industrial controller with auto-tune feature
  • Two-channel chart recorder
  • Current-to-pressure (IP) converter
  • Gauge pressure transmitter
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • Pressure accumulator
  • Three-speed pump
  • Reservoir

To perform experiments, students fill the reservoir with clean water and prime the system. They then set the controller to regulate the flow of water using a pneumatic valve. This alters the pressure in the accumulator. A pressure transmitter measures the accumulator pressure and gives feedback to the controller.

For a realistic experience, the equipment has industrial standard instrumentation and parts.

The apparatus includes two gate valves. One valve controls the flow at the output (drain) of the accumulator, and the other acts as a flow-bypass valve. A chart recorder shows and logs the changes of the process variable (pressure) and the controller output.

Key features:

  • Shows automatic control of pressure in an accumulator using proportional, proportional plus integral, and proportional, integral plus derivative (PID) control
  • Uses industrial-standard parts to make it ideal for industrial, vocational and academic training
  • Shows operation, calibration and tuning of controllers, transmitters, converters and valves
  • Compact, mobile and fully self-contained
  • Connects to the TE3300/03 Flow Process Training System for cascade control
  • Connects to the TE3300/06 Computer Control System for distributed control
  • Safe, practical and realistic

Learning outcomes

  • Proportional, integral and derivative control
  • Setting up and demonstrating automatic control
  • The principles of loop control and the calibration and tuning of controllers, transmitters, converters and valves
  • Cascade control of flow and pressure (when used with the TE3300/03 Flow Process Training System)
  • Distributed control (when used with the TE3300/06 Computer Control System)

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