Quanser QLabs Robotics



A Feature-rich Mobile and Manipulator Robot for Every Student

QLabs Robotics is a scalable platform capable of delivering credible, academically appropriate, and high-fidelity lab experiences through interactions with virtual hardware. QLabs Robotics offers fully instrumented and dynamically accurate digital twins of the Quanser QBot 2e mobile robot and QArm robotic manipulator that behave and can be measured and controlled using MATLAB®/Simulink® and other platforms exactly as the real systems would.

QLabs Robotics is accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum covering topics such as kinematics, dynamics, control, and a survey of modern mobile robotics from actuation and localization to mapping and path planning. The platform also comes with instructor resources and tools to manage student access and monitor their progress.  

QLabs Robotics is available as a 12-month subscription.

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