Quanser Robotics Package for Education




Ideal Solution for Your Undergraduate Robotics Lab

Today’s generation of engineering students often enter university with extensive exposure to robotics. Through competitions such as FIRST Robotics, they have had an opportunity to study and apply various robotic principles. Your undergraduate lab, though, needs to take students further. In order to prepare for advanced robotics research and industrial careers, students need to master rigorous concepts and compliment theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills. With the Quanser Robotics Package for Education you can reach these goals. The high-end yet affordable robotic manipulator makes your lab relevant to real-world applications. With multiple simulation and 3D visualization seats you can accommodate more students and extend the learning beyond the lab. Plus the modular courseware makes it easy for you to align the provided lab exercises with your course content, and save time when building a robotics course from scratch.

What’s in the Package

The Quanser Robotics Package for Education consists of:
• High-end Serial Manipulator
The stand-alone 4 DOF serial manipulator with two-finger gripper by Kinova is customized exclusively for Quanser customers. Quanser technology enables you to access joint angle, motor current and torque measurements for each joint in real time. The robotic manipulator is compact and safe to work with, which makes it an ideal tool for undergraduate robotics labs.

• Real-time Control Software
Ten QUARC control software licenses enable real-time control algorithm implementation on a physical system without the need for hand-coding, hardware integration, or mastering a proprietary programming language. Quanser’s QUARC is fully integrated with MATLAB®/Simulink®.

• Simulation and 3D Visualization
Ten simulation and 3D visualization seats that allow students to perform lab exercises without the actual robotic manipulator. Students can experiment offline, even outside the lab and then efficiently deploy controllers on the physical system. This means you can engage a larger number of students, without an extra burden on your budget.

• Course Resources
Extensive course resources cover topics included in most popular robotics textbooks, and taught in typical undergraduate robotics courses, such asforward and inverse kinematics, Jacobian, forward and inverse velocity kinematics, motion control and trajectory design. The course resources are provided in a mix-and-match, rich-media format, allowing you to easily adapt materials and lab exercises for existing courses, and customize the lab experiment sequence. Additional application lab content enhances students’ experience by putting lab experiments into a real-world, industrial context.

Technical Specifications

Serial manipulator Customized 4 DOF robot arm
Weight 5 kg
Payload 0.75 kg (full extension)
1.25 kg (mid-range)
Arm reach app. 60 cm
Maximum linear speed 20 cm/s
Communication rate 500 Hz