Quanser Terminal Board for NI myRIO



The Quanser Terminal Board for NI myRIO (QTB) is a connector terminal designed for the National Instruments™ myRIO embedded platform. The QTB and NI myRIO solution has been designed specifically for controls education, offering a feature-rich solution to easily interface with a broad selection of Quanser control experiments.

The QTB has two analog inputs, two analog outputs and two single-ended encoder input interfaces, minimizing the need for additional equipment. All inputs and outputs are accessed simultaneously, using un-buffered single point reads and writes, a requirement for real-time applications. The convenient set of I/O and connectors minimizes setup time and connection errors allowing students to concentrate on learning the fundamentals of hardware interfacing and control.

The QTB is driven by the Quanser Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) Toolkit, a software add-on for LabVIEW. With the RCP Toolkit, users can interface with a wide range of Quanser control experiments and develop control algorithms that can be deployed on the NI myRIO in a straightforward and efficient way.

  • Designed to connect to the 20 pin port C on the NI myRIO
  • Easy connection to Quanser amplifiers and experiments